comic Sans

These Font Pairs are Match Made In Heaven.

Have you ever wondered, gotten confused, pondered over long hours over the fonts to be used in your designs. These simple combinations of fonts will work wonders for you. When paired together these fonts are soul mates!




Font Pairs that will look great in Designs





comic Sans


These are few Font Pairs, that will go great with plenty of your designs, do let us know what do you think about it in the comment box below!

Concept and Design by Sudeshna Banerjee – Designer Qandisa Solutions



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How a “Brand” fools its customers!

Are Brands really customer first anymore? Flipkart

Dear Online Shoppers,

Remember those glorious days when shopping online made you ecstatic because of the low prices? Wasn’t it all like a dream come true, how shopping over the Internet was so light on your pockets?

Well, we hear that most of you have unfortunately woken up from your nice little dream after the latest news of the fake discounts offered by Flipkart broke out. It is quite sad, how innocent customers are manipulated into buying things by entrusting them with a false sense of a high rate discount offered on several commodities.

Of course, Flipkart is not the only company to have made pricing errors, be in time of sale or not. The last time social media was this outraged about the pricing of a product was when the Yu Yureka smartphone went on sale on

The Yu Yureka was priced at Rs 8999 but a technical glitch caused the price to show as Rs 12,999 and some users ended up paying more. Amazon had later apologized for the same and returned the extra money to users in the form of a coupon.

It is a well-known fact that we, consumers, love discounted prices on our purchases. Ecommerce stores have thus so, managed to build a huge market in India, by leveraging this particular fact. But yet, instances like these cause customers to lose their trust in a brand once and for all.

Everyone knows that customers are the most essential part of any business. To ensure a loyal line of customers, the quality of services provided to them by brands must be at its best. But, it seems like certain large enterprises cannot stop looking for new ways to delude the common man for profits.

So, what should be done to safeguard people like you and I, who like to shop online? The simplest and possibly, the most effective solution to this could be the enforcement of stringent laws against such malpractices, irrespective of the size, to ensure such manipulation is not exercised upon us. It merely seems like the best way to teach integrity and the importance of ethical functioning to the giants.

It is high time for E Commerce companies to deduce more creative and moral ways to lure customers rather than banking on granting high (fake) discounts to them. They must realize that we, as customers, have grown more vigilant now, and we shall not accept anything less than a good, fair deal.

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Batman will give you tips to Brand your Company today!

How Batman Can Help You Become a Better Person

“I am whatever Gotham needs me to be.” – Bruce Wayne as the Batman.

Altruism is the practice of concern for the welfare of others. Batman, the alias of the American billionaire, Bruce Wayne, is a true altruist. Batman is the protector of the city of Gotham, land where anarchy rules and the crime rate is uncontrollably high.
Wayne, as a child, witnesses the murder of his parents. Over the years, the gripping incident moulds him into a determined young man who wishes to avenge the death of his parents and stand up against injustice. He wishes to restore faith in the minds of the now apathetic people of Gotham by being Batman, an incorruptible symbol.

What truly sets Batman apart from every other superhero is that he is one of us. He’s only human. His mind and his perseverance to reach the pinnacle of human potential are his superpowers. Bruce Wayne’s incredible strength of will enables him to undergo several months of vigorous physical and mental training. This transforms him into a stealthy predator of criminals, and empowers him to wage a one man war against crime.
Batman encounters several criminals, who are almost psychotic in nature. However, he shows immense resilience in the gravest situations in spite of being tested innumerable times and being pushed to the absolute edge. Batman will never take a human life, and this is a true testament of his compassion. He believes that it is his ethics and values that separate him from his enemies and nothing would trigger him to lose his true self.

What really does define Batman is his conviction. For instance, he is literally snapped into two by the mad, venom-fiend Bane who heavily injures his back and imprisons him in the Inferno. However, Batman exemplifies immense tenacity by medically recovering himself completely. Subsequently, he escapes from the Inferno – a task which was presumed to be impossible to accomplish.

The story of the Batman has enabled countless people believe in the potential we all have embedded within us, as humans. Batman has shown the world how faith, hope and the thirst for accomplishment can bring about drastic changes in one’s life. For this very reason, he is admired, and more importantly respected by all. By fighting for the city he loves, Batman has proved that there is power in self sacrifice and that selflessness is not a quality possessed by the weak.

Contributed by Meghna Vodapalli – Qandisa Solutions

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